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Fergus Veterinary Hospital

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Dr Rae out with his pets in the forest.

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  • Pets and their families expect their veterinary hospital to provide:

* Compassionate, gentle, calm, care
* Consideration for every pet and family as an individual
* Online medical records and other advanced online services
* Completion of Insurance forms for you
* Health ASSURANCE Plans {Managed care plans for routine care and/or chronic disease management}
* Payment Plans { OAC }
* Convenient appointment hours, admissions and discharges
* Continual updates and upgrades to patient care in response to changing environment, diseases and knowledge

How to Find the Fergus Veterinary Hospital

What you look for when looking for us

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Reliable, time tested, effective, modern solutions for acute and chronic conditions.

Convenient Hours: Mon- Fri 8:00 to 6:00 pm and Sat.8:00 to noon.

Convenient parking, with easy access from a quiet street just off major route.(Hwy #6) Beside Boston Pizza, just down the street from Tim Horton’s, and around the corner from Zehr’s, McDonald’s, Meridian, and Giant Tiger

The Fergus Veterinary Hospital, since 1981

At the Fergus Veterinary Hospital, we celebrate in the special bond that exists between pets and their families. In partnership with you, together we will provide the highest quality medical care available.

Nigel the office manager shares a break with Dr Rae

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Where are your pets as they follow the RIver of Life

River of Life, a graphic representation of the life journey of your pet. A FVH exclusive feature.
River of Life, a graphic representation of the life journey of your pet. A FVH exclusive feature.


Holistically our veterinary care is governed by how we approach two fundamental issues:

1) Quantity of life; or living as long as genetics allow


2) Quality of life; or living as well as possible both physically and psychologically.

Quantity of life issues that we can help you control include, early disease detection, risk avoidance, individual appropriate nutrition, lifestyle choices, behavioral guidance, preventative medicine, parasite and flea control, and vaccines.

Quality of life issues that we can help your pet with are pain prevention and treatment, early disease detection, arthritis mitigation, obesity prevention, environment and behavioral enrichment, allergy control, skin and oral health.

Pain prevention literally starts with the first visits as puppies and kittens. Fear increases pain and it is important that puppies and kittens are trained to not expect discomfort even with their first visits. At home it is important to only use positive rewards for training and not use punishment based training.
Pain prevention related to veterinary care starts at the first visits and the big challenges are related to surgery including spaying or neutering. Attention to pain control at this time is critical as failure to adequately manage pain results in pain training the nervous system to overreact to pain messages for the rest of ones life. (True in humans as well)
Dogs and cats are very,very,very good at hiding pain from humans. Hidden pain is still very,very real. Fortunately huge strides in pain management have occurred recently and your pets are in position to benefit from that knowledge.

Top Notch Customer and Patient Support

We have spent a lot of time and greatly invested in incredible tools that allow us to communicate with our beloved pet families. Our commitment to your pet’s health and welfare does not end with the end of your visit but extends for the life of your pet.

If you have questions, call or email us for advice or guidance.

We provide online access to your pet’s medical records and certificates for interested families via our medical records software. Imagine the benefit of having access to your pet’s ongoing medical history all the time. These situations include being out of town, at an emergency clinic – referral centre, or just keeping up on the health status of your pet for your own interest.

Post visit reports are emailed out to remind or clarify issues raised at the visit.

Clinic staff call or email for updates to ensure patients are responding as expected. If for any reason we cannot reach you, we appreciate updates from the family to ensure your pet is recovering or health issues are responding as desired.

Messages about general health and welfare appear on our facebook page,

our twitter account and via Nigel’s twitter presence.

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Making Lives Better

 Fergus Veterinary Hospital,  Veterinary Care for the Entire Journey on the River Of Life