Training methods

Dogs undergoing training to improve recall and to stop chasing livestock, were found to be less stressed and to learn better using reward based training rather than remote electric shock collars.

This study reinforces the benefits of reward based training compared to punishment based training.

Before using punishment based training methods, exhaust all forms of reward based training first would be a good strategy.


Nigel starts a new twitter series on “How to feed cats and dogs!”


We all know we take the responsibility of feeding our pets seriously and believe we are doing a good job and hopefully you are; but the statistics say 50-75% of pets are not fed correctly to provide the optimal quality and quantity of life.  Some ideas have been around for a long time and even though we know they do not work for most pets theses ideas just will not go away.  Nigel is not a veterinarian or nutritionist (nor does he play one on TV) so he is not going to talk about what to feed as that is a conversation between the pet, the household, and the only people that will ever see the inside of your pet. (The Fergus Veterinary Hospital staff) . He is going to tweet in easy quick steps, “How to feed the dogs and cats of Fergus , Elora and surrounding area to give  them the best chance at a long comfortable active life.

Lost Kitten!!!!!

PLEASE  HELP!!!! My name is  Beau Duke, and I answer to Bo Bo.  I am an 8  month old black, medium haired kitten with a white patch on my  chest.  I am blind in one eye, and it is completely glazed over and also has no eyelid.  I am not wearing a collar.  I mainly stay inside but when I saw a chance to go out and explore the big bad world, I went for it.  Now I am completely lost, hungry and scared. I went on my adventure  yesterday, September 30, in the McTavish St area and the field behind J.D Hogarth School.  PLEASE if you have seen me or know where I am, call my mother Natasha at 519-787-2321. Thanks to everyone for y our help.

Lipomas versus Liposarcomas

Liposarcoma is in the news and I thought it would be timely to talk about fat tumours.

Pets especially dogs frequently get lipomas. These are benign fat tumours. Upon biopsy they look like normal fat cells, however they grow improperly and make a lump. Depending on location, size, other health issues the decision to remove or not is based  on the best comfort for the patient.

Liposarcomas on the other hand are composed of fat cells that on biopsy look quite abnormal, and one should expect to treat them as they are malignant.  They are more rare than lipomas, but should be considered when there is a fatty lump not acting like a lipoma.

It does take a biopsy to separate the two types.

Question or concerns about pet lumps, always call and ask!

BTW this is a medium sized removed lipoma. The largest removed by us so far was over  5 pounds.


Lost Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help.  I have lost my beloved pet.  A Pomeranian, he’s blonde with a little bit of red.  He went missing in the South River Road and 1st line area last Thursday.  PLEASE, if you have seen him or know where he is, call me at 226-929-6009.  With heart felt thanks for your help, Jane Osbourne.