FRESH Rx comes to Fergus Elora and the rest of Centre Wellington

Nigel inspects and welcomes Fresh Rx

Nigel inspects and welcomes Fresh Rx

Fresh Rx is an innovative pet food product now available. Made with local, mostly ingredients from Ontario, in controlled batches, in Buddy’s Kitchen, then fresh frozen, hence it keeps the freshness and yet is germ safe and nutritionally balanced. Three recipes based on Salmon, Chicken and Beef.
Use as a topping instead of canned along with regular food or as the sole diet. As with any new diet ask if it is compatible with your pet’s health and health goals.

Fergus Elora Food Bank gets a Pet Food Donation

Elora Fergus Food Bank Donation Pet Food

Nigel Inspects Donation for the Elora, Fergus, Centre Wellington Food Bank

Fergus Elora Food Bank gets a Pet Food Donation #Nigelatfergusvet Nigel checks a pet food bag before it goes to the Centre Wellington (Fergus Elora) Food Bank. To date we have sent 4361 pounds of pet food to the food bank. However the need continues. Any and all support is appreciated whether you help us help them, or do it on your own.

Salmonella and pet food, know and reduce the risk

Salmonella is receiving attention from the  regulating and monitoring bodies. More so in the USA than Canada.

Your best risk management is to buy pet food from companies big enough to do decent quality control, companies that control their own manufacturing rather than contract it out to a third party. The biggest risk is small companies with minimal quality control, including raw food producers.


Research cited: There are regular outbreaks of Salmonella linked to pet food.

Dr. Kate KuKanich wrote a report for the June 1, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA), laying out recommendations for pet owners on how to avoid Salmonella infection in pets:

• avoid raw food diets for pets;

• purchase individually packaged pig ears, rather than buying them from bulk bins;

• check the packaging of pet food products to ensure that they are in good condition prior to purchase;

• return products to the store if they appear tainted, discolored, or malodorous.;

• store pet foods, treats, and nutritional products in accordance with label instructions, preferably in a cool, dry environment.;

• save the original pet food packaging material, including the date code and product code of all food products, for product identification in case of food contamination;

• discourage children, the elderly, and immunosuppressed people from handling pet food and treats;

• wash hands with soap and water before and after handling pet food, treats, and nutritional products;

• use a clean scoop to dispense pet food into bowls;

• wash water and food bowls used by pets, as well as feeding scoops, routinely with hot soapy water in a sink other than in the kitchen or bathroom; and,

• avoid feeding pets in the kitchen