Lost Kitty!!

HELP I’m LOST!!!  My name is Queenie and I am a 3 year old calico kitty.  I am new to Fergus, and thought I might like to check out my new home town, but I am now lost!  I am wearing a pink collar, and I went missing in the Woodhill Dr. area by Walmart. 

Found Dog!

A yellow lab has been found in Elora.  He is very friendly, and young.  If you own him, or know who does, please contact Jennifer Bateman at 519-846-5836

Thanks for your help!

Lost Cat!

Help!  I’m Lost!!!!  My name is Hazel, and I am a chocolate brown, long haired cat with green eyes.  I’m rather old, and very thin.  I went missing on Saturday Nov 19 around the tennis courts area in Fergus.  If you have seen me , or know where I am, PLEASE, call my mom, Sue Thompson,

#13,#14,#15 Reliable Signs of Pet Pain Anyone Can See

#13,#14,#15 Reliable Signs of Pet Pain Anyone Can See

13. Shifting weight; Avoiding or minimizing the amount of weight on the sore leg(s) and moving that weight to other leg(s) 14. Hunching up or Lower head posture; Trying to reduce the stress on certain body parts by adopting unusual postures. 15 Licking or attention to a body region: Licking above and beyond routine cleaning especially if an area becomes raw.

#11, and #12 Reliable Signs of Pet Pain Anyone Can See

#11 Mood and # 12 Temperament Changes.

The pet’s mood changes, instead of being consistent and what you are used to. For example starts the day happy and social then changes to dull and with drawn.
And / or
The temperament changes. For example this was a pet that loved children or everyone and now wants them all to stay away.

Signs of Pet Pain Anyone can See # 8,9,10

8,9,10 of the 20 most RELIABLE Signs of Pain. One or more are significant and needs attention

  1. Less grooming; Mouth pain, stiff neck, back or joints all cause pets to reduce grooming

  2. Appetite change / Weight change; Appetite can reduce with pain and they can loose weight or more often they gain weight because they are less active and replace exercise with eating for entertainment.