Lost Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP I’M LOST!!  My name is Uve and I am a 2 and 1/2 year old Tortoiseshell kitty.  I went on a constitutional Sunday night and have become quite lost!  I live near the Fergus High school.  If you have seen me or know where I am, PLEASE call my mom Yvonne at 519-400-3313.  You may think that I would make a good family member for you, but please know I already have a family who is looking for me and would like me to come home.  Thanks for your help.

Missing Kitty!!!!

HELP!!! I’m lost.  My name is Myla and I am a 9 year old black cat.  I went missing from the Burnett Crt area in Fergus.  PLEASE, if you see me or know where I am, call my mom Andrea at 519-831-5452.  She is very worried about me, and I would really like to go home now.  Thanks for your help!

Lost Kitty!!!

Lost, a female/spay, gray cat.  Has been missing since Sunday, January 3rd, around the Walmart area in Fergus.  She is 7 years old and VERY friendly.  PLEASE, if you have seen her or know where she is, contact Stephanie at 226-820-4956.  Thanks for your help.

Rabies in Ontario

Raccoons near Hamilton and a calf near Stratford have died due to Rabies.  Rabies is that fatal disease that in Ontario goes up and down a bit but never disappears completely. Along with these animals BATS, and skunks were also identified as dying from Rabies recently in Ontario.

Advice; Keep calm!

Vaccinate your animals including pets against Rabies and then booster according to the information provided with your Rabies certificate!

Avoid animals you do not know especially if acting unusual! Wildlife is wild, you should not be approached by wildlife nor should wildlife allow you to approach!

168 pounds of pet food to FOOD BANK

Nigel dressed as Rudolph counts the final Christmas donations destined for the food bank.

Nigel dressed as Rudolph counts the final Christmas donations destined for the food bank. Another 168 pounds joined the 280 pounds raised earlier in December and went to the food bank. Thanks to all that donated, and participated.  Since keeping track we have placed more than 5100 pounds of pet food into the Centre Wellington Food Bank.