#16,17,18,19 and 20 of 20 Signs of Pain in Pets Anyone can See

16. Squinting / Avoiding light 17. Eyes closed when should be open 18.Change in eating or elimination 19. Vocalizing (Growling, Moaning, Hissing, Crying, Inappropriate purring) 20. Pet responds in the affirmative when a skilled examiner asks if certain parts of the body hurt. As pets cannot speak for themselves they need a translator to express what,

Lost Dog!

HELP!!  I am lost!  My name is Tika and I am an 8 year old Chocolate Lab.  I am wearing a black collar with no tags.  My family and I recently moved from Fergus to Palmerston, I managed to get out and now I am completely lost!  My mom thinks I may have tried to make my way back to Fergus. 

Lost Kitty!!

HELP I’m LOST!!!  My name is Queenie and I am a 3 year old calico kitty.  I am new to Fergus, and thought I might like to check out my new home town, but I am now lost!  I am wearing a pink collar, and I went missing in the Woodhill Dr. area by Walmart. 

Found Dog!

A yellow lab has been found in Elora.  He is very friendly, and young.  If you own him, or know who does, please contact Jennifer Bateman at 519-846-5836

Thanks for your help!

Lost Cat!

Help!  I’m Lost!!!!  My name is Hazel, and I am a chocolate brown, long haired cat with green eyes.  I’m rather old, and very thin.  I went missing on Saturday Nov 19 around the tennis courts area in Fergus.  If you have seen me , or know where I am, PLEASE, call my mom, Sue Thompson,

#13,#14,#15 Reliable Signs of Pet Pain Anyone Can See

#13,#14,#15 Reliable Signs of Pet Pain Anyone Can See

13. Shifting weight; Avoiding or minimizing the amount of weight on the sore leg(s) and moving that weight to other leg(s) 14. Hunching up or Lower head posture; Trying to reduce the stress on certain body parts by adopting unusual postures. 15 Licking or attention to a body region: Licking above and beyond routine cleaning especially if an area becomes raw.