#11, and #12 Reliable Signs of Pet Pain Anyone Can See

#11 Mood and # 12 Temperament Changes.

The pet’s mood changes, instead of being consistent and what you are used to. For example starts the day happy and social then changes to dull and with drawn.
And / or
The temperament changes. For example this was a pet that loved children or everyone and now wants them all to stay away.

Signs of Pet Pain Anyone can See # 8,9,10

8,9,10 of the 20 most RELIABLE Signs of Pain. One or more are significant and needs attention

  1. Less grooming; Mouth pain, stiff neck, back or joints all cause pets to reduce grooming

  2. Appetite change / Weight change; Appetite can reduce with pain and they can loose weight or more often they gain weight because they are less active and replace exercise with eating for entertainment.


HELP!!! Penny is missing!!  She is a 7 year old  Beagle x Jack Russell.  She is spayed, and she is white, with grey and tan  markings.  She went missing from the Jones Base Line area, Wellington Rd. 22.  If you have seen her, or know where she is PLEASE call 519-822-3847.  We are very worried about her and would like her home as soon as possible. 

Signs of Pain Anyone Can See #5,6,7,

Number 5 sign of pain in pets: Resents touch. A pet that used to enjoy or tolerate petting, hugs, or touch over the body and now resents contact on those areas needs to be assumed to be in pain.

Number 6 sign of pain in pets: Hiding and less interactive. A pet that now hides or does not interact with the family when they used to must be assumed to be in pain.

Lost Kitty!

HELP!!  I’M LOST!!  My name is Garfield, and I am a 7 year old, longhair, butterscotch cat.  I went for a walk about in the Patrick Blvd area in Elora on June 1st and have ended up utterly and completely lost!   If you have seen me or know where I am, PLEASE call my mom at 519-318-3206. 

Lost Kitty

Help!  My name is Black Star and I am a 5 year old, domestic long hair kitty.  I am black in colour with a reddish tinge, I have big yellow eyes,  and a round face.  I went missing in the Scottland, Milburn, Flannery area.  If you have seen me or know where I am, please call Kathy at 519-993-0977.