Learn more about the Human Health Benefits and Risks of Pets

Medical doctors explore and discuss health benefits and risk of pets in the house and home. As in previous studies the overall data is positive. Read http://www.jabfm.org/content/28/4/526.full for more information especially on the topics of Rabies Worms and Allergies. Fergus Veterinary Hospital Health Assurance Plans address many of these issues, which is one of the reasons we developed them.

Online symptom checkers lead people and pets astray

As much as the internet can help it has also the ability to lead us astray when it comes to health questions for humans and pets.
Harvard looked at online symptom checkers and some were from some pretty reputable institutions, but all had the ability to lead people to the wrong conclusions regarding their health. Please use the internet only as a rough outline regarding health questions. Real diagnosis requires a real Dr.


Lost Kitty!!!

HELP!! My name is Binks, and I am a 1 and 1/2 year old, male neutered kitty. I am black in colour and a little bit of white on my belly, with long fur and am declawed. I saw an open door, and decided to go out for an adventure in the Woodhill/Black St area in Fergus. Now, I am completely and utterly lost! PLEASE, if you have seen me or know where I am, call my mom Diana at 519-993-8238. She is worried sick about me, and I would really like to go home. Thanks for your help!

Lost Kitty!

HELP!!  My name is Felix and I am a gray and white kitty with a gray nose.  I am 4 years old, neutered and micro chipped.  I also have some medical issues.  I decided to take myself out for the day and have ended up completely lost.  I went missing in the Patrick Blvd area of Elora.  PLEASE, if you have seen me or know where I am, call my mom Kristen at 519-994-8463.  She is worried sick about me, and I really would like to go home now!  Thanks for  your help.