Signs of emergency!

Swelling of abdomen, legs, face, skin,  irregardless if soft hard or any other texture.

Straining especially related to voiding bladder, stool or delivery of newborns.

Abnormal or changed appearance of gums. Pale, white, bleeding,blue, purple.

Distress, crying, unable to walk, abnormal angles to legs, cannot sleep, breathing too fast or slow.

Ate or was exposed to a poison.

If you still have doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic at (519) 787-2000, and someone would be happy to assist you. If you require emergency care for your pet, please call the Fergus Veterinary Hospital immediately! At times we co-operate with other hospitals to provide emergency services, including Campus Estates Animal Hospital and the Waterloo Region Emergency Clinic:

1. Guelph: Campus Estates Animal Hospital – (519) 837-1212 (or (519) 837-1214 out of hours) Map click here

2. Cambridge: Waterloo Region Emergency Clinic – (519) 650-1617 Map click here

3. Fergus Veterinary Hospital 519-787-2000 Map Click here