The following is a checklist to determine if your pet is at it’s optimal level of health.  If the answer is no to any of the questions, your pet is unwell and should see the veterinarian for an assessment.

  1. Are their eyes, ears, and nose free of discharge and inflammation?
  2. Do they have fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums?
  3. Are they able to ingest, chew and swallow without vomiting?
  4. Do they have  no cough, no sore throat and no difficulty breathing?
  5. Do they have no change in bathroom habits, no diarrhea and no blood in stool or urine?
  6. Do they have no change in water or food consumption ?
  7. Have they had no change in weight and are at a healthy weight?
  8. Do they move without stiffness, pain or signs of arthritis?
  9. Do they have no fleas, ticks or mites?
  10. Do they have no itchy, flaky or oily skin and no hair loss?
  11. Do they have no lumps, cysts or abnormal tissue?
  12. Do they play the same as when they were 1 or 2 years old and are healthy?