The purpose of this page was to provide a forum to post lost and found animals.  Due to the way the website is organically used, LOST and FOUND postings have been placed at the homepage. Please check the homepage for lost and found as this page is now just a space holder. If you would like to make a posting, please contact the Fergus Veterinary Hospital with the details (see our contact page). Similarly, if you have any information regarding a current posting, please leave a comment or contact the clinic directly (see our contact page). Thank you! 
Prevention of pet loss starts with collars and tags, then permanent identification in the form of microchips (RFID) or tattoos, and finishes with leashes, invisible and visible fences, gates, runs and recall training.

Lost Dog

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Lost 5 yr old ShihTzu, female spayed- black and white, recently groomed, lost in Fergus area, pink collar, no tags- answers to “Peanut”- if found contact Lee at 843-3408


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