Your pet relies on you for everything, including food, entertainment , companionship, and the maintenance of good health! Fortunately for you and your friend, veterinary medicine offers many advanced treatments and procedures comparable to that of human medicine. While most people are able to plan for common expenses associated with pet ownership, unexpected illness or accidents can lead to unanticipated veterinary costs. To avoid the stress associated with this, the Fergus Veterinary Hospital suggests planning ahead to create a safety net should these unforeseen circumstance ever arise. This can include, among others:

  1. Develop a specific savings account for veterinary expenses that you contribute to regularly.
  2. Have a credit source readily available.
  3. Invest in pet insurance (see below for more information).

The option you choose will depend on your own lifestyle and financial plan . Whichever route you take, you are unlikely to regret it and you can breathe easy knowing your pet’s health is covered.


There are a number of companies currently providing pet insurance, including Petsecure, Petcard, Petplan, Petcare, Trupanion and more! Typically, these companies offer accidental coverage, illness coverage, preventative/routine health care coverage, death, cremation and burial coverage, and specialty coverage (e.x. third party liability, boarding, etc). To figure out which plan is appropriate for you, please contact the insurance company!